You might be thinking now this blog is not going to be updated ever again, but I will try to post often. I was recently debating should I move my blog to new web hosting that I just purchased and to a new domain name or That is why I have not been able to concentrate here as I was thinking I will post when I move this blog and put a 301 redirect, well that is another thing.

There is a lot of discussion about experts and people are curious about this issue they always ask questions from experts what should we do to become successful BluSEO expert or professional. I will guide you in simplest way so that you learn everything and know what actually experts do.

Do Not Overestimate

You might have noticed each day many newbie’s enter into this field and they tell everyone that they are experts. If you are a newbie and you are reading this, ask yourself do you know the basics of SEO? You can read the Google starter guide for this reference. Being an SEO expert and just a link builder is two different things and why I am saying this because once I posted a job opening for an expert. And I interviewed several candidates and they were saying we can do directory submissions, link exchanges, social bookmarking, forums, blogs etc. If you know all these things, then it is good, but you need to learn more and more before you can say you are an expert.

Do Not Underestimate

This thing applies to newbies and some of the experts out there as well. I always underestimate my skills; hence I am always reading opinions on different blogs. You might be very good in SEO; you need to practice your skills on your websites and blogs. I never build links for my own blogs because I try to get Link Baits (which I will explain later).

Do Not Over Optimize

Most of the people over optimize their website and it is harmful rather than giving you any benefit. Always focus on quality rather than quantity and when it comes to link building, 10 high PR back links are much better than 100 back links with no PR.

You Love Blog Commenting

If you ask people, what do they think about blog commenting? Most of the people think it is a good way of building back links. I would say blog commenting is the worst thing to get back links, as Google track all the spam comments and penalize those websites. You can read Google blog post about spam comments here. If you are just commenting for the purpose of getting back link, it will turn in your favour. And mostly people add keywords in the “name” field. Only low quality blogs will approve your comments or those which allow comment spam.

Content Is Always King

The famous saying is “Content is always King” and still content is king. Search engines love the fresh and new content. You can invest on creating content rather than building links. If you want to be an SEO expert, focus on content more than link building because good content will automatically get you back links as other websites will link to yours’. If you cannot write in native English, try using different grammatical and spell checking softwares to proofread your content. Good content will get you link baits as well.

Always Follow Simple Ways

You do not have to look for extra and unique techniques for SEO. If there would be any changes, Google will update their starter guide. The simpler you are in SEO the more chances that you will become an SEO expert. Read some good books like “The Art of SEO”, it is a very good book for everyone to get the understanding of SEO and search engine terms. Start from On Page and get a good grip on it because if you do it right, you will complete 80% of optimization on your website.

Link Bait

As I have mentioned earlier “Content is Always King”, link baiting is getting natural links to your website. If you write a good informative post or an article with a little bit of research, you will get link bait from other websites. People will give reference to your websites, blogs and use it in forums to guide other people. Now again many people do not know what is link bait, as I once asked an SEO expert in Digital Point forums about link bait and after hearing the answer I was surprised. He said “Link bait I don’t know maybe it is black hat never tried this”.